About Maria

“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…” (Joshua 24:15a)

Choosing whom to serve for the first 25 years of my life came very easily. Even though I’d been brought up in a family who loved and honored God, my choice was, quite simply, to serve ME! As a child, I had learned about God and his love for me, but I truly did not understand what it meant to have a relationship with Him through Jesus, and I certainly never considered actually involving God in my daily decisions.

 As a young college woman, and then as a successful young banking executive, I worked hard to achieve my idea of the “American Dream”. For awhile, I really believed that I had it all together, and that in my own power, I had created the perfect life for myself. My job was taking off, I was involved in all the right community activities, my social circle was large and influential, and best of all, I was about to marry a wonderful, fun-loving, adventurous man.

Then, out of the blue, I was hit with the news that the man I was about to marry had a dreaded, incurable disease. He had AIDS.

From that moment on, my life was permanently altered. Serving myself had left me with no real foundation, and nowhere to fall when my world shattered around me. Choosing to marry him, even knowing of his illness, was a choice that some would call foolish. I am still grateful that I chose that path, though. Even though there were excruciating difficulties in caring for him, facing social stigma, and concerns for my own future, it was through these circumstances that I began to dig deep to find a solid place to stand.Over a period of time,  God himself reached out to me, through the love of sincere and genuine Christ-followers, and I found hope, strength, and purpose in the middle of tragedy.

Once I began to choose EACH DAY to serve the Lord, my life changed drastically. No longer was my hope founded on what I could do, but on who my God is! Although my first husband did pass away in 1995, God did not leave me alone in my grief, and He has not left me alone in my life. Through a most unusual set of circumstances, I met and married a strong man of God, Ken Owens,with whom I have had the privilege of serving the Lord for our 19 years of marriage. God has blessed us with a son, Matthew, who is 17 years old. Most of all, God has entrusted me with continuing to tell this love story that He has crafted in my life.

Yes, we must choose who we will serve each day. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! (Joshua 24:15b)